Roland Francis | 7 Oct 16:05 2006

Re: The Great Goan Kashti is The Traditional Dress and The National Flag of Goa !

I would be willing to pay the airfare of Joe Goauk from Goa to Florida
if he would be willing to take a low angle frame of Carmo in kashti
along with Mario Goveia also in kashti, standing on the verandah of a
condo on the Atlantic seaboard gazing out on the ocean in a faraway
thoughtful manner, and show the pic on his flicr album for posterity.

Additionally, I would be willing to give another equal monetary sum to
a Goan charirty of Carmo's or Mario's choice if Carmo hands over a
kashti to Mario Goveia who then persuades his favorite hero George
Bush to wear a kashti at his next press conference on the White house

Will this dream of the Goan spirit ever come true?

Roland Francis.

On 10/6/06, CARMO DCRUZ <cadcruz@...> wrote:
> But the comfortable Great Goan Kashti which is the National Flag of Goa and
> the traditional men's dress of Goa which I am wearing right now as I relax
> in the verrandah of a third floor condo on Indian Harbour Beach should be
> popularized and commercialized as an "in-vogue" costume of the Goans esp to
> the outsiders and the foreigners ! The feeling you get with the crisp
> Atlantic wind blowing is euphoric ! I beats the feeling of the tired
> "Render" toddy tapper perched on top of a coconet tree anytime !