Micha Berger | 12 Jul 18:12 2011

Re: Women and tefillin [and Tzitzis]

My friend and former listmember R' Chaim Markozitz wrote
about "Tefillin as a Kli Gever" a couple of years ago at
<http://nefeshchaim.blogspot.com/2009/09/tefillin-as-kli-gever.html>. He

    My father [who many of you may know from mail-jewish, R' Hillel
    Markowitz] pointed out to me that the Targum Yonason Ben Uziel writes
    that tzitzis and tefillin are considered bigdei ish and are part
    of the issur of "Kli Gever". Most of us are aware of the claim that
    Rashi's daughter's wore tefillin. However, even if this is not true
    we do find in teh gemara that Michal bas Shaul wore tefillin and the
    chachamim did not protest. Furthermore, the Rambam paskens (Tzitzis
    3:9) that women are allowed to wear tzitzis if they deisre. It would
    seem that the gemara and the Rambam argue on the Targum Yonason
    Ben Uziel.

    Perhaps the machlokes is based on how to view tefillin...

BTW, in the Yerushalmi's version of the gemara Eiruvin 59a (which the
RBSO pointed me to by making it today's daf), R' Chizqiyah besheim R'
Avohu disagrees and says the chakhamim DID protest Mikhal's wearing
tefillin and eishes Yonah was sent back when she tried to be olah regel!

On the amud, the Qorban haEidah suggests that Mrs Yonah's problem
was trying to bring a qorban re'iyah which is "mecezei kemeivi chulin
la'azrah", or it was her "re'iyas panim ba'azarah shelo letzorekh".

As for nidon didan, the QhE writes that their objecting to Michal would
indicate that since women aren't mechuyavos, there is no motivation to
risk a woman wearing them without a guf naqi.

On Tue, Jul 12, 2011 at 09:16:08AM -0400, Prof. Levine wrote:
> Caveat. I know nothing about who Michael Daniel is and I am a bit wary of 
> him ...

Looking at the web site <https://tzitzitforwomen.com/Common_Objections.html>
shows a distinct ignorance of what the petur of mitzvos asei shehazman
gerama is about, as it is handwaved away with something about women keeping
mo'adim. Also, the author suggests that a tallis that was decorated in
a feminine way wouldn't be keli gever.

After looking it over, I am not sure the site is relevent to a
Torah discussion. My apologies for not catching it during moderation.

Tir'u baTov!


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