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Re: Giving Tzedakah to Nachriim

At 08:22 AM 11/18/2012, Micha Berger wrote:
On Sat, Nov 17, 2012 at 07:19:40PM -0500, Prof. Levine wrote:
:                                             ... Clearly if the gentile
: is a ger toshav then there is a mitzvah to give him or her tzedakah if
: they are in need, and one would presumably get sechar for this.

Is it possible to have a ger toshav today? We're not simply talking about
an observant Noachide, but the observant Noachide who agreed to live as a
citizen in a Jewish Israel. Ger toshav = resident alien, quite literally.

Medinat Yisrael might qualify; perhaps someone today who came before
beis din in EY and took an oath of loyalty to the Jews in it would be
a ger toshav. But I think it's more likely that one needs a gov't that
includes a Sanhedrin to which that court answers.

Does anyone know of a discussion of ger toshav bizman hazeh?

RSRH writes on pages 379 to 380 of volume 2 of the Horeb that a ger toshav is "he who expressly accepts those duties [the sheva mitzvos of a bnei Noach] in the presence of three persons as having been enjoined upon all men by God in his Revelation to Moses."  He makes no mention of living in Israel.

On the other hand at it says that a ger toshav must live in EY.  YL

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