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RE: Need Advice/Assistance for Course in "Discourse &Power"


Given your themes, you might check out the documentary *The Life and Times
of Harvey Milk.*  And I suppose *American History X* immediately comes to
mind, too.  My students often mention that film as having had an impact on


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Please forward any suggestions, syllabus, or ideas for films for a new  
undergraduate course I will be teaching "Discourse, Power & Social

In the class, we will be examining issues of free speech Vs hate  speech. 
Some of the texts I will be using are "Understanding Words  that Wound" &
"Discourse Reader" w/ supplemental readings from critical  theorists and 
linguistics. I would really appreciated any ideas for films. 

Thanks for your time and assistance it will be very much appreciated. 

Fredi Avalos
Cal State, San Marcos
Communication/Media Studies 

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