tabaquera328 | 11 Feb 01:44 2006

Letter from Swisher on snuff

Here is what I recieved from Swisher's Exec Vice President after my
inquiry as to if Navy Scotch Snuff or any other American Dry Snuff was
suitable for nasal ingestion:

Blake T. Newton III
Executive Vice President
and General Counsel

February 7, 2006
Dear. Mr. Alkhas:

The email message you posted to the website of Swisher International,
Inc. on February 7, 2006, has been referred to me for attention.

All Swisher products including NAVY Scotch snuff are manufactured in
accordance with proprietary formulas and specifications which have
been developed and are carefully protected as valuable Swisher trade

Accordingly, Swisher does not, as a matter of policy, disclose the
ingredients in Swisher Sweets or any other Swisher product except to
the extent such discloser is required by law and fully protected by
adequate confidentiality measures.

However, in answer to your question, it is true that the warning
labels required by the Federal Trade Commission t be printed on
packages of snuff sold in the United States do reflect the fact that
United States snuff consumers typically consume both dry and moist
snuff orally. Accordingly, Swisher manufactures all of its snuff
products (including its NAVY Scotch snuff) for oral use and is not
familiar with the manufacturing process used in Europe to produce
nasal snuff, the ingredients thereof or the formulas and
specifications thereto. 

I am advised by a Swisher employee who has seen several European nasal
snuffs that they appear to have many similar characteristics to dry
snuffs made in the United States although they generally have scents
like eucalyptus that are more characteristic of products made for
nasal use that the scents used in domestic dry snuffs. But the
employee has not tested the European products, has no information on
how nasal snuff is manufactured or what ingredients are used therein
and is not privy to the formulas or specifications that are used in
connection therewith

Very truly yours,

Blake T. Newton III