Alain Nadeau | 19 Mar 17:44 2012

[Jed-users-l] New mode for n3 / turtle

Hello to everyone,

Just been spending some time trying to define a jed mode for N3/turtle RDF

But, as always when I'm working on a new mode, documentation on the various
options and commands is so scarce that I'm losing a lot of time with plain
trial and error trying to achieve the desired results. Not to mention
losing my sanity in the process.

I'm basically seeking something like the very nice n3 mode offered by emacs

Notice how this one has the following features:

- chars in one color before a colon, and in another after the colon...

- URLs in one color, from the starting "<" to the closing ">", even and
including a "#" sign before the closing ">".

- how keyword " <at> prefix" is all in one color, including the " <at> "...

All seemingly easy stuff. Until one tries to achieve that.

I have no problems (duh!) with defining keywords through define_keywords_n.

But everything that has to do with dfa_define_highlight_rule in order to
obtain the features described above has been a failure. I fail to grasp the
regex vocabulary needed.

Grateful for any hint.

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