Julien Rioux | 2 Aug 21:33 2010

Re: [patch] revtex 4.1 support

On 01/08/2010 3:54 AM, Jürgen Spitzmüller wrote:
> Julien Rioux wrote:
>> Here is a patch against latest trunk for a REVTeX 4.1 layout and
>> template file.
> Could you briefly decribe the changes wrt ReVTeX 4, or are there too many?
> Jürgen

The changes to the latex class are described here: [1].

On the layout side, changes include:

- Use of categories
- Added support for ruledtabular, subequations, turnpage,
   and widetext environments.
- Support for video float, \setfloatlink, \lowercase
   and \surname commands (those are specific to 4.1).

Revtex 4.1 was designed in conjunction with the developer of natbib and 
this lead to natbib 8.31 which also brings new features. These are at 
the moment unsupported by LyX:

- multiple references in a single bibliography entry, e.g.
   \cite{ref1,*ref2} becomes [1] in text and in the reference list:

   [1] Author1, ref1 (year1); author2, ref2 (year2).

- prepending/appending text to a bibliography entry, e.g.
   \cite{[, and references therein.]ref3} becomes:

   [2] Author3, ref3 (year3), and references therein.

You can edit a LyX file to hack this sort of syntax into a citation 
inset, and it will work, but there is currently no UI. I didn't attempt 
to tackle this.



[1] https://authors.aps.org/revtex4/revtex4_faq.html#c1