Steve Litt | 19 Feb 02:21 2012

Free software writing appliance -- email clients

Hi all,

A few hours ago Russell Brunelle submitted a URL to his excellent blog
entry on making a spectacular free software writing appliance. In it he
recommended Evolution as an email client.

If you want a we-do-it-all-for-you PIM type email client, then
certainly Evolution is the way to go. But standard on-computer email
clients also have their adherents, as do webmail clients that often
reside on the server.

At this point I must inject this: Do NOT use Kmail under any

As one of the "I want my email client on my own darn computer" people,
I recently was forced to bail on Kmail and move to a combination of
Dovecot and Claws-Mail, which has been doing a spectacular job for the
past three weeks.

The following is a document telling how I made this transition, and how
anybody else can too:

This is especially relevant because Kmail is forcing its users to
transition to Kmail2, which is entangled with Akonadi. As one former
Kmail guy told me on another list, "To be honest, I haven't found a
single person who was able to convert to kmail2."