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Re: lyx in arabic or persian

On Tue, Feb 12, 2013 at 9:04 PM, Parastoo Mojabi <parastoo.mojabi <at>> wrote:

Dear stefano

Thank you for the answer.  I have linux mint 14 nadia 64 bit ,I dont have any arabic article in my document drop down list.
nether there is no folder called texlive in my computer.

I installed version 2.0.3 of lyx which is working fine for english.

May be I should change the version?

Dear Parastoo,

the problem is your tex installation, not lyx. You said lyx works fine for English. I take it you mean you can BOTH write in lyx and produce pdf output, right? If so, you must have a version of (La)TeX installed and working and you are probably just missing the arabart class. Try this:

First, find out if you have arabart.cls on your system. Open a terminal window and type:

kpsewhich arabart.cls

You should get back a pathname indicating where arabart is installed. If you get nothing back, then you don't have it installed and need to update your tex installation (see below). If you do get a path back (I get  /usr/local/texlive/2012/texmf-dist/tex/latex/arabtex/arabart.cls but I use Archlinux, not Mint), then you just need to reconfigure Lyx with Tools>>Reconfigure , close it and restart it.

If you do not have arabart.cls installed:

You need to upgrade/extend your tex installation and how to do so depends on how you installed it in the first place. Linux Mint is a Ubuntu-derivative. Did  you use Mint's package installer? If so, go to the package installer again, and check that you have installed a package called texlive-lang-arab . That is what you need. If it is not installed, install it, then reconfigure lyx as described above and you should be ready to go.

If, instead, you did not use Mint's package installer and installed texlive from their DVD or online from, you should use your texlive package manager. Open a terminal window, type:

tlmgr  --gui

you have an installer for tex packages only. Search for arabtex and install it, then reconficure lyx and restart it.

Please report back---and address the message to the list, so other people can benefit as well.


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