David Carver | 3 Sep 16:36 2008

Update on VEX relicensing changes

I've committed the first batch of changes for the VEX relicensing from 
lgpl to EPL.   I've updated all the source code header files for this.   
I'm in the process of working on documenting where the code 
contributions have come from.

If you submitted modifications as patches, and haven't done so already.  
Please add a note to the eclipse bug that is tracking this migration:


I've heard from David Holroyd (sp) and we have his okay to relicense his 
code changes.

We are still missing a couple pieces of information for the Proposal 
before I can submit it officially.   I have Ed's information, but still 
need John Krasnay and John Austin's information.   If you two would 
rather not be committers on the eclipse project please update the 
Proposal appropriately.


Anybody else interested in joining may indicate so by updating the 
proposal as well as commenting on the bug.

I'd like to try and get this proposal officially submitted next week.


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