WinEdt Team | 5 Oct 21:55 2009

Re: How can I stop "Latex failed to create a dvi file,...." to appear after each error?

> I have two installations of Miktex2.8+Winedt 5.5 in my office
> and at home. At work, when an error is encountered in the latex
> window, I press "e" and go directly to the location of error in
> Winedt with no new windows opened and no error message. This is
> very convenient. At home, after I press "e", I go directly to
> error location in Winedit, but an error window saying "Latex
> failed to create a dvi file,...." appears which I find
> distracting. How can I prevent this window? I have tried to
> compare the two settings and change the setting at home, but
> could not find the difference?

I doubt that there is any difference in WinEdt settings or that
this is a WinEdt issue. I am aware of the following bug (that
could explain the difference) in MiKTeX 2.8:

If the path to the editor executable (as specified or
auto-detected in YAP -> Options -> Inverse Search) contains
spaces then "e" command from console doesn't work. If you read
carefully you'll see that TeX produces a message like

  'C:\Program' is not recognized as an internal or external
  command, operable program or batch file.

WinEdt may still highlight the error (based on info in the log
file) but the "e" command failed and that could well be the
difference between the two installations.

Inverse Search works fine because YAP uses double-quotes around
the name but TeX does not in the latest version of MiKTeX
(2.8). Perhaps somebody should report this bug on MiKTeX's
Mailing List after performing the test from the console and
confirming that this is indeed a problem.... WinEdt is
irrelevant here as the problem would persist with any editor
installed in Program Files folder.

Best regards,