Lissaodah Madna | 8 Aug 16:50 2005

Re: I want to practice

Hallo Haliman,
Nice to meet you. You are an indonesian so do I. but I am living in Jakarta now. I always dream that some day I will move to other country ( especially to US ). Find better future and good carieer there. I feel bore here due to Jakarta situation ( u know..macet, susah cari kerja, low salary...and so on...). But how I start to make it become real??!!  may be it s just in my dream...he..he...
salam manis,
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Hi Eliana & Tacha,

Welcome to this group.  Like you both, I am also an English learner.  I have lived in Canada for thirteen years, but I came from Indonesia.  So I must improve my English.

By the way, where do you live?  What are your first languages?

Basically I have learned from my English mistakes and others' mistakes.  Therefore, please don't hesitate to make mistakes.  Your mistakes help all members of this group improve their English.

Thank you for joining this group.


Sato Takako wrote:
It's nice to see you!
I have been studying English only half and one year.
Actually,my husband is not any interested in learning English.
Because we don't have many oppotunities to speak English and meet English-speakers.
I have been to other country...only one time!
I'd like to learn English more,and make many friends.
I think that it's really good things for my children!
I wish I could express my feelings well.
With love,
Hi everybody,

It's the first time I send a message and I don't know so much about
this kind of groups. But I have been studying English for three years
and I feel that I need to practice, but my relatives and my husband
don't speak English and I have just a few friends who can speak, so I
tought ' maybe I can have some communication by messages in the
Internet' and here I am. I produce many mistakes, all the time, but I
think that it's possible for people understand me.
If someone has interesting articles, please send to me. I know that if
we read a lot we have more facitities in speaking.


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