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Subject: RE: Archive of Robert College to Columbia University
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Date: Sunday 10th June 2007 15:05:26 UTC (over 9 years ago)
Dear Colleagues,

The archives of Robert College were located in New York, not
Istanbul. Dr. David Cuthell, a member of the board of trustees of
the College, a Columbia graduate, and a dear personal friend of
mine, made it possible for the transfer of this important
collection to Columbia University. I hope this elucidates anything
that may have been opaque about the transfer.

Should there be any further questions, the office of Columbia's Rare
Books and Manuscripts Librarian can provide more information.

Hossein Kamaly
ME/JS/IS Librarian
Columbia University

Quoting Jeff Spurr :

> Friends and colleagues,
> Does anyone know the circumstances under which this transfer was
> accomplished, and why it was not left in Istanbul?  Despite
> identifying David Cuthell and Hossein Kamaly as principals in the
> process, the reasons remain opaque.
> It may be worth noting that our photographic special collections
> here
> at Harvard's Fine Arts Library contain the very extensive
> photographic collection created by Edgar J. Fisher, professor of
> history and dean at Robert College between 1911 and 1931, mainly
> but
> not exclusively consisting of snapshots taken by Fisher and his
> wife,
> Elisabeth Fehr Fisher, many of which document the College and its
> activities.  It is one of the larger constituent parts of the
> Harvard
> Semitic Museum Photographic Archives, at the FAL since 1995.
> Jeff
> Date:         Fri, 1 Jun 2007 12:01:58 -0400
> From: Alan Fisher 
> SubjectH-ISLAMART: Archive of Robert College to Columbia
> University
> To: [email protected]
> Date: Fri, 1 Jun 2007 08:22:19 +0000 (GMT)
> From: Nebahat Avcioglu

> This information might be of interest to some of the list
> members.
> All best, Naby Avcioglu
> Columbia's Rare Book & Manuscript Library Acquires Robert College
> Archive (NEW YORK, April 4, 2007) Columbia University's Rare Book
> &
> Manuscript Library has recently acquired the archive of Robert
> College of Istanbul, the oldest American school outside the
> United
> States, active since 1863. Founded by two Americans,
> philanthropist
> Christopher Rhinelander Robert and Cyrus Hamlin, to offer an
> "American style" education under the Ottoman Empire, Robert
> College
> has been in operation longer than any other American-sponsored
> school
> outside the United States. The school and its sister institution,
> The
> American College for Girls (founded in 1871) have over the years
> educated many of Turkey's leading citizens since the Republic was
> founded in 1923, including two Prime Ministers, many
> cabinet-level
> ministers, and leaders in medicine, law, business and the arts.
> "The
> Robert College Archive represents one of the most important
> examples
> of American 19th century ideals. With the help of a wealthy
> American,
> Christopher Robert, Hamlin was able to build a school, open to
> all
> and based on a scientific curriculum. The archives reflect a deep
> and
> lasting bond between the United States and Turkey," said David
> Cuthell, Executive Director of the Institute for Turkish Studies
> (Washington, DC), and professor at Columbia's School of
> International
> and Public Affairs, as well as at Georgetown University's School
> of
> Foreign Service. Discussions with Prof. Cuthell (who is also a
> Trustee of Robert College) leading to the donation of the archive
> to
> Columbia were initiated by Columbia's Middle East and Jewish
> Studies
> Librarian, Dr. Hossein Kamaly. The archives of the school go back
> to
> its very beginnings and include correspondences, governance
> documents, faculty files, buildings and facilities files, and an
> extensive collection of historic photographs. The archive is
> exceptional in its breadth and depth. "This is an extremely
> valuable
> resource for those who work on many diverse subjects such as the
> histories of the late Ottoman Empire, modern Turkey, Bulgaria,
> missionary activities, etc.. Especially those who are doing
> research
> on the formative years of the Turkish intellectual, literary and
> political figures such as Halide Edip, Bulent Ecevit, Orhan Pamuk
> and
> others will find these archives very valuable," added Professor
> Etem
> Erol, Lecturer in Turkish at the Department of Middle East and
> Asian
> Languages and Cultures at Columbia University. When organized and
> processed, the Robert College archive will be available for use.
> For
> further information,
> call the RBML at 212-854-5153.
> --
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