Primarydat | 22 Oct 22:06 2007

Survey: Library Relations w/Google, Ebay, MySpace, etc free copy for participant

Primary Research Group (_www.primaryresearch.com_ 
( )  is planning to publish a survey of library use of and relations with  
mega-internet sites such as Google, Yahoo, Ebay, My Space, YouTube and 
others.  Academic, public, and special libraries are eligible.  This is an 
international survey open to  libraries of all countries. Data is aggregated and not 
broken out by specific  library. Participants receive a free PDF copy of the 
estimated 100-page report.  Data is broken out by type and size of institution 
for easier benchmarking.  To take the 40-question survey, follow  the link 
James Moses, Research Analyst 
Primary Research Group Inc. 
_www.primaryresearch.com_ ( 

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