Primarydat | 23 Oct 17:12 2007

Take the Survey of Academic Library Websites; Receive Free Copy of Report.

Primary Research Group (_www.primaryresearch.com_ 
( )  is planning to publish a survey of academic library websites. This 
survey is  restricted to college libraries, including 2-year, 4-year and 
university  websites, and is open to the academic libraries of all countries. The 
survey should be taken by the library website  webmaster or other individual 
knowledgeable about the day to day workings of the  college website. Participants 
receive a free PDF copy of the estimated 100-page  report.  Your library would 
be  listed as a participant but all data is presented in aggregate categories 
and  not broken out by library.  Data is  broken out by type and size of 
institution for easier benchmarking. To take the  50-question survey, follow the 
link below: 

James Moses,  Research Analyst
Primary Research Group Inc.
2753 Broadway, #156
NY, NY  10025
_www.primaryresearch.com_ ( 

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