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From: Walter McGinnis <walter-mGsON310AOJIJsTUW+i+0g <at> public.gmane.org>
Subject: Re: Google Wave bye-bye
Newsgroups: gmane.education.web4lib
Date: Friday 6th August 2010 00:32:35 UTC (over 6 years ago)
I think there is a difference between naming something that already exists
as a familiar concept, e.g. branding a  new search engine "Google",  and
naming of a new application type that people don't already grok.

If someone asked me when Google was new what it was, I could have answered,
"it's a new search engine with better results and really bare-bones design
that gets out of the way of looking at the results."

When asked about Google Wave, I rambled on about it being a combination of
a number of things (email, chat rooms, document sharing) in a collaborative
real-time conversation. I have yet to have a response to that "story" where
the person went "ah, cool, I get it, that sounds awesome."  Nor have I
heard anyone else be able to describe the service succinctly and in a way
that inspires people to give it a try.

A unifying metaphor can help tell a compelling story to explain your
application and inspire interest.  Obviously it isn't the only way to do


On Aug 6, 2010, at 11:30 AM, Alan Cockerill wrote:

> I don't buy it Walter, the name has nothing to do with it (otherwise who
> would ever have used Google).  I think, and their blog says as much, that
> was tool that was useful to too small a section of the web audience to
> justify it's continued development in that form.
> Yet another example of Google's (simultaneously frustrating and
> ability to drop web applications regardless of what investment has been
> in them if the payoff isn't deemed high enough.
> Cheers, Alan.
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> It's pretty simple why it failed. It never had a compelling story to
> what it was.
> The reason it never had a compelling story? They chose a vague name that
> didn't give any real insight into its nature over an enlightening
> metaphor.  Personally, I thought it was closest to a chat room model, but
> where there were products of the conversations.
> People are pretty familiar with the virtual "room" concept for
> The idea is to tie in output of the conversations, maybe something that
> riffed off "the writers' room".
> Cheers,
> Walter
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> On Aug 6, 2010, at 3:03 AM, Michael Schofield wrote:
>> That is really a shame - but I think we'll see other incarnations of the

>> same pop-up as the virtual office gains traction. For a semester long 
>> project, my team and I organized into a mock web development firm with 
>> digital library friendly services, and we kicked clunky Elluminate to
>> curb--and because Citrix GoToMeeting wasn't an option due to cost--used 
>> Google Wave for all of our business planning. After we established some 
>> ground rules about tagging waves, surfing through the dozens and dozens
>> documents we produced (and collaborated on in real time) was a breeze.
> Once 
>> they integrated video chat into the mix and Google Voice, we didn't even

>> need to use the Elluminate room our professor set aside for us.
>> The Geek in Me: It was also ideal for text-based RPGs for those of us
>> grew-up on MUDs and MUSHs - you could even do dice rolls.
>> What a bummer.
>> Michael @ BCPL 
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>> From: Leo Robert Klein 
>> To: web4lib-Lfqs8nn97uZKgiwHgTXaBw@public.gmane.org
>> Date: Thu, 05 Aug 2010 09:11:05 -0500
>> Subject: Re: [Web4lib] Google Wave bye-bye
>> It bit the dust yesterday:
>> http://searchengineland.com/google-wave-crashes-48086
>> Wicked Thought of the Day: Do a search on 'Google Wave' and 'disruptive'

>> and count the chickens.
>> That said, I actually think the analyses of why it went bust may be more

>> interesting and useful than the original product itself.
>> LEO
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>> On 8/5/2010 8:44 AM, Thomas Bennett wrote:
>>> I haven't really kept up with Wave but it has been available on our
> Google
>>> Apps site for sometime now.  But I haven't heard anything about it
>> a,
>>> for lack of a better word, dropped project.  Did I miss something?
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