Simple question about emacs

I don't know if I'm writing on the right mailing list.
I only have a general question about Emacs and when I tryed
to read the documentation I drowned in the ocean of manuals.
I'm only a superficial user of Emacs, also because I don't
know where to start learning more (apart the tutorial).
My problem is very simple: I would like that a key sequence 
(like CTRL-c c) should write this text "\v{c}" (i.e. the
Latex command for the slovenian c), and similar for 
CTRL-c SHIFT-c -> \v{C}. Can I use ALT GR-c instead?
I also would like that this definition should be permanent,
i.e. defined in my .emacs file.
Sorry for my stupid question!


Agostino.Manzato <at> osmer.fvg.it