Jan Moringen | 2 Mar 22:15 2011

Re: python-mode support

On Wed, 2011-03-02 at 21:47 +0100, David Engster wrote:
> Eric Ludlam writes:
> > Hi,
> >
> > I think it makes sense to support a wide array of modes.  I'm not that
> > familiar with the question you ask though.  Perhaps if you take out
> > the require all together, and run the unit tests we can find out what
> > it is used for.
> The unit tests work fine without the 'require. I think the only function
> used is python-send-receive to get the system include path. This has
> actually bitten me, because the python-mode from Emacs proper doesn't
> work with Python3, which however is default on my system and therefore
> let the unit tests hang.
> I took the liberty to add Jan to the CC, since he might have an idea how
> to deal with that. The whole python situation under Emacs seems to be a
> mess anyway...

The problem is caused by the attached change which I made a while ago.
The goal of that change was to dynamically obtain the Python load-path
by querying the interpreter. I tried to write the querying code in a way
that would silently fall back to the previous behavior in case python.el
was not available.

The unit tests works fine without the require because it does not rely
on the augmented include path (I think). When the require is removed,
the feature test for python fails and the augmentation of the include
path does not happen.

The only solution I can think of that does not require modifying the
python.el shipped with Emacs is checking the Python version in
wisent-python.el and only using `python-send-receive' when it is safe. 

Another possibility is of course reverting the change altogether.
However, I would prefer a different solution since I plan doing some
omniscient semanticdb stuff based on `python-send-receive'.

Hope that helps,

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