Chong Yidong | 1 Jun 12:39 2012

Emacs 24.1 release candidate

The Emacs 24.1 release candidate is now available for download via FTP,
at the following location:

Note that this tarball installs as Emacs 24.1.  If there are no serious
last-minute problems with this release candidate, it will serve as the
actual 24.1 tarball, in about a week.  (If serious problems are found,
we can still change it.)  So please give this release candidate as much
testing as possible.

Please send me an email reporting success or failure on your build
platform.  Please report any bugs that you come across via M-x
report-emacs-bugs, or email bug-gnu-emacs <at>

For Emacs developers: for now, please refrain from altering the emacs-24
branch without discussing with me or Stefan.  This tarball is made from
revision 108027 on the branch.  The emacs-24.1 tag will be applied when
the actual release happens.  After the release, the emacs-24 branch will
be left alone, with development for 24.2 occurring on the trunk, until
just before the 24.2 release.

Thanks for helping to test Emacs.