Thorsten | 24 Feb 20:00 2012

Re: No ESS autoloads?

Dimitri Fontaine <dim@...> writes:

sorry for my late reply

> Thorsten <quintfall@...> writes:
>> I try to mix the emcas24-starter-kit with el-get, i.e. I use el-get for
>> all the packages I can't get from elpa instead of simply putting the .el
>> files into the starter-kit src folder like recommended. 
> Nice use caseĀ :)

Since el-get sits kind of on top of elpa, and the emacs24-starter-kit
uses elpa for package management, my original idea was to do everthing
(possible) in el-get and use elpa or downloading sources to the /src
directory of the starter-kit only if necesary. 

>> But some el-get recipes did not work for me (magit [on elpa too] and
>> emacs-goodies-el), others produce no working autoloads (e.g. ESS) so I
>> have to require the packages.    
>> Am I the only one having this problems?
> I'm surprised because I use both those recipes without problem. Care to
> expand on how you use them, what you expect to happen and what happens
> instead?

Then I installed ess, magit and emacs-goodies-el with el-get, but the
autoloads didn't work. The files were downloaded like some other
libraries, but there was either no mentioning at all or only
outcommented lines in the autoload file, and the system did not know
anything about ess or magit. So I installed them from elpa (magit) or or put symlinks from
/el-get/el-get/ to /emacs24-starter-kit/src/ and load them explicitly

Now my set-up is to use elpa for everything, el-get for the rest, and
just download the library if both fail. 

my system:
"GNU Emacs (x86_64-unknown-linux-gnu, GTK+ Version 2.24.10)
 of 2012-02-07 on arch
Org-mode version 7.8.03
Ma Gnus v0.2"



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