T. V. Raman | 5 Jan 20:30 2008

Re: [emacspeak The Complete Audio Desktop] Announcing: The Coming Of Piglets To T...

Read the blog article off the emacspeak blog, and follow the link
to FireBox -- Put The Fox In A Box

>>>>> "Christopher" == Christopher Moore <christopher.h.moore <at> verizon.net> writes:
    Christopher> Hello, I'm a bit confused about running firevox
    Christopher> under emacspeak.  I'm running ubuntu feisty, and
    Christopher> access emacs from a text console using the
    Christopher> emacs22-nox package.  Could I start firefox from
    Christopher> there or would I need to run it from a
    Christopher> gnome-terminal?  If the answer is to run emacs
    Christopher> from a gnome-terminal window, should I install
    Christopher> emacs22 gtk version?
    Christopher> Thanks.  Chris
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