T. V. Raman | 5 Sep 15:02 2006

format-mode-line function

Assume this is emacs 21.x --- looks like function
format-mode-line got added later.

If that is the case you'll get the error *everywhere* not just in
dired, ---
I'll need to re-install the older hand-rolled code later tonight.

>>>>> "tcross" == tcross  <tcross <at> rapttech.com.au> writes:
    tcross> Hi Raman, FYI I just did an svn checkout and am now
    tcross> getting the following error when running dired under
    tcross> emacs 21.4
    tcross> Debugger entered--Lisp error: (void-function
    tcross> format-mode-line) format-mode-line((""
    tcross> display-time-string)) emacspeak-speak-mode-line()
    tcross> emacspeak-dired-initialize()
    tcross> dired("~/.poddy/downloads/" nil) *
    tcross> call-interactively(dired)
    tcross> I did a bit of checking and format-mode-line does not
    tcross> appear to be in emacs 21. However, it is in emacs 22.
    tcross> regards,
    tcross> Tim
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    tcross> not manage what they understand and those who do not
    tcross> understand what they manage.
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