Katsumi Yamaoka | 5 Oct 11:38 2012

Re: POP3 UIDL - pop3-leave-mail-on-server

Katsumi Yamaoka wrote:
> I started the test for a new UIDL support for pop3.el.
> This implementation is my original, not a copy of the XEmacs
> version (the mail-source interface is borrowed from my hack made
> in Semi-gnus), so it has no copyright porblem I believe.  I'll
> commit this to Gnus (not Emacs because of the feature freeze)
> within a month.

Committed to Ma Gnus.  pop3.el users who don't want to leave mails
on the server(s) have to do nothing, but if you're interested in
the new feature, see:

,---- (info "(gnus)Mail Source Specifiers")
| [...]
|    The following mail source types are available:
| [...]
|     `:leave'
|           Non-`nil' if the mail is to be left on the POP server after
|           fetching.  Mails once fetched will never be fetched again by
|           the UIDL control.  Only the built-in `pop3-movemail' program
|           (the default) supports this keyword.
|           If this is neither `nil' nor a number, all mails will be left
|           on the server.  If this is a number, leave mails on the
|           server for this many days since you first checked new mails.
|           If this is `nil' (the default), mails will be deleted on the
|           server right after fetching.
|           The `pop3-uidl-file' variable specifies the file to which the
|           UIDL data are locally stored.  The default value is
|           `~/.pop3-uidl'.
| [...]
|      Leave mails on the server for 14 days:
|           (pop :server "my.pop.server"
|                :user "user-name" :password "secret"
|                :leave 14)
| [...]