Suno Ano | 29 Mar 21:57 2009

pgg-default-user-id with more than one UID

hi folks,

I am with up-to-date Gnus/Emacs and I use pgg.el for signing/encrypting
email. I am on Debian sid, using GPG (GNU Privacy Guard).

I have *two* (instead of just one) OpenPGP UIDs (User IDs) which I would
like to use based on what group I am sending email from.

`pgg-default-user-id' allows me to specify only one UID which is then
applied to each email no matter what group I send it from -- right now I
do this with

 (add-hook 'message-send-hook 'mml-secure-message-sign-pgpmime)

However, I use gnus-parameters to treat different groups differently
e.g. use different sender addresses etc. I want to use gnus-parameters
for selecting my OpenPGP UIDs as well.

The info manual mentions `(VARIABLE FORM)' at (Info-goto-node "(gnus)
Group Parameters") but then I am simply to inexperienced with elisp to
come up the the solution needed to selectively apply either one of my
OpenPGP UIDs based on what group I am sending email from.

Can anyone help?

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