Ralf Angeli | 29 Mar 10:00 2005

Special hyphen string insertion for (n)german.sty

In documents loading german.sty or ngerman.sty, you can now insert a
special hyphen string provided by these packages by typing `-' twice.
The first key press will insert - and the second will replace it with
"=.  The third will replace "= with --.  Any subsequent key press will
add another -.  Sounds confusing?  Well, it isn't.  Just try it.

In the German TeX newsgroup people with report problems about words
with hyphens are not broken accross lines correctly.  So I thought
about letting "= be inserted right at the first key press (you can
control the behavior with the variable
`LaTeX-german-hyphen-after-hyphen') but this is probably too

Another idea was to cycle through the hyphen strings and hyphenation
aids (n)german.sty provides ("=, "~, "-) with -, but this clashed a
bit with sticking to the insertion of - with subsequent key presses.

Does anybody like to document this feature?  We should probably add a
new section to the manual containing information about special support
for certain LaTeX packages.  This could also be a place to put the
stuff about (n)german.sty and csquotes.sty currently in (info