Richard Riley | 14 Apr 12:17 2011

Re: taking note when clocking out

Giovanni Ridolfi <giovanni.ridolfi <at>> writes:

> Radosław Grzanka <radoslawg <at>> writes:
>> Hello,
>>   I cannot find this using google nor browsing documentation so I ask
>> for help. Generally I don't want to take notes when I'm clocking out
>> except for one task.
> You can use the org-clock-out-hook,
> but if you'll post an example, well'have something real to work on:
> 'But I must have something to work on. I cannot burn snow'
> Gandalf
> Giovanni ;-)

I thought I'd have a quick crack at this since its ages I tried any

Something along the lines of

|     (require 'org-clock)
|     (defun rgr/check-for-clock-out-note()
|           (interactive)
|           (save-excursion
|             (set-mark (goto-char (org-entry-beginning-position)))
|             (let ((tags (org-get-tags)))
|               (message "tags: %s " tags)
|               (if (member "clockout_note" tags)
|                   (org-add-note)))))
|     (add-hook 'org-clock-out-hook 'rgr/check-for-clock-out-note)

it uses a tag ("clockout_note") so can benefit from inherit etc. I'm
sure its not optimal or well written but a quick test and it worked.

btw, when entering a tag "-" is illegal?