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From: Bastien <bzg <at> altern.org>
Subject: Release 7.6
Newsgroups: gmane.emacs.orgmode
Date: Thursday 7th July 2011 07:16:24 UTC (over 5 years ago)
Dear all,

I'm releasing Org 7.6.

You can get it from the website as an archive:


Apologies for the delay between 7.5 and 7.6 -- it has been hectic times.
I owe a big *thank* to everyone who maintain a high level of activity,
both in the code and on the mailing list.

In particular: Carsten, Eric Schulte, Nicolas Goaziou, David Maus,
Julien Danjou, Jambunathan K, Michael Brand, Achim Gratz, Eric S. Fraga,
Nick Dokos, Lawrence Mitchell, Memnon Anon, Bernt Hansen, S├ębastien
Vauban, Thomas S. Dye, Manuel Giraud, Karl Voit, Huy, ... and many
more!  Thanks to all.
The highlight of this release is the new ODT exporter, which lives in
the contrib/ directory but will soon make its way to the core: kudos to
Jambunathan for this addition, and thanks to him for his patience.

Below is the (incomplete) list of changes:

Version 7.6 

New features and user-visible improvements 

Integration of Jambunathan's OpenDocumentText Exporter 

* Activation 
  Org-mode 7.6 supports exporting to OpenDocument Text (=odt=)
  format using org-odt.el.  Depending on how you installed Org,
  this module can be enabled in one of the following ways:
  1. If you have downloaded the Org from the Web, either as a
     distribution =.zip= or =.tar.gz= file, or as a Git archive,
     enable the =odt= option in the variable =org-modules=.
  2. If you are using Org-mode 7.6 that comes bundled with
     Emacs-24.0.50 (or future Emacs-24.1), then you can install the
     OpenDocumentText exporter using the package manager.  Check
     the list of available packages with =M-x list-packages= and
     install the =org-odt= package.
  Thanks a lot to Jambunathan K for this great contribution.
* Keybindings 
  The following interactive commands are provided:
  1. =C-c C-e o= (=org-export-as-odt=): Export as an =odt= file.
  2. =C-c C-e O= (=org-export-as-odt-and-open=): Export as an =odt=
     file and open the resulting file.
  See the =contrib/odt/README.org= file for further details; you
  may check in particular the commands =M-x org-lparse= and =M-x

Ob-Lilypond -- new Babel language to allow score generation 

ob-lilypond - an org-babel language, provided to allow LilyPond
music score generation, complete with optional auditioning via
midi, whilst leveraging the full power of org mode, and literate
programming.  See [https://github.com/mjago/ob-lilypond]
for more

Thanks to Martyn Jago for this addition.

Org-Bibtex -- major improvements 

Provides support for managing bibtex bibliographical references
data in headline properties.  Each headline corresponds to a
single reference and the relevant bibliographic meta-data is
stored in headline properties, leaving the body of the headline
free to hold notes and comments.  Org-bibtex is aware of all
standard bibtex reference types and fields.

The key new functions are

org-bibtex-check: queries the user to flesh out all required
     (and with prefix argument optional) bibtex fields available
     for the specific reference =type= of the current headline.

org-bibtex-create: Create a new entry at the given level,
     using org-bibtex-check to flesh out the relevant fields.

org-bibtex-yank: Yank a bibtex entry on the kill ring as a
     formatted Org-mode headline into the current buffer

org-bibtex-export-to-kill-ring: Export the current headline
     to the kill ring as a formatted bibtex entry.

Spreadsheet computation of durations and time values 

If you want to compute time values use the =T= flag, either in
Calc formulas or Elisp formulas:

  Task 1   Task 2     Total  
   35:00    35:00   1:10:00  

Values must be of the form =[HH:]MM:SS=, where hours are

Thanks to Martin Halder, Eric Schulte and Carsten for code and
feedback on this.

Links within inlined footnotes. 

It as also possible to have footnotes side-by-side correctly
exported. New variables =org-export-latex-footnote-separator=,
=org-export-html-footnote-separator= and
=org-export-docbook-footnote-separator= are used to separate them
in that case.

Fontification of footnotes is also more accurate.

New variable =org-export-with-tasks= 

Non-nil means include TODO items for export.

This may have the following values:

- t                    include tasks independent of state.
- todo                 include only tasks that are not yet done.
- done                 include only tasks that are already done.
- nil                  remove all tasks before export
- list of TODO kwds    keep only tasks with these keywords

Thanks to Carsten for implementing this!

New variable =org-export-latex-timestamp-inactive-markup= 

This variable allows the user to define the LaTeX markup for
inactive timestamps.  It defaults to the same markup than active
timestamps.  Thanks to Eric