tycho garen | 23 Jul 20:17 2011

Org Mobile Writing App (a la Epistle/Paragraft)

I must confess that I've fallen onto the Tablet bandwagon, and despite
the alure of having a more functional mobile-org,I went for an android
tablet (to match the phone, and because I'm not a mac user.) Largely I
think it's great, and while I've got a mobile-org setup that I like
well enough, I found myself saying "wouldn't it rock, if..." a few
times and I just wanted to float the idea with you. 

While I think mobile-org is a great concept for making all of the task
planning and organization features of org more accessible on the go,
it's not quite so good for taking notes and doing the kind of writing
that I spend most of my waking hours doing these days. 

I've been using a really delightful little app called
[Epistle](http://kooklab.com/epistle.html) which renders markdown text
(a fetish of mine that predates org-mode,) that works with dropbox. I
think I learned about this from someone on the list. I suspect it's a
lot like Paragraft for those of you on the otherside.

I've created a little script that links all of my org-files into a
place where Epistle can see them in dropbox
(http://tychoish.com/code/epistle-linker/), and while the rendering
doesn't work, it is nice to be able to read and edit these files. I've
also, as an aside created some procmail and shell glue that takes
emails and inserts them into an org-file so that I can capture stuff
on the go using the email program. That's here: 


Wouldn't it be nice to have something like Epistle for org-mode? It
might just render org-mode text to HTML, and frankly that would be
enough for me. Org-indent equivalent, syntax highlighting, and
collapsing trees (probably in that order) might be nice as well, but I
think the key is simple and quick... 

I'm not a developer, so I can't promise to start making an app this
instant if there's interest, but if anyone's bored and thinks this
might be a good idea (or knows of something that might work better for
this.) I'd love to hear about it. 



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