Eric Schulte | 11 Jan 19:09 2014

[ANN, OT] Emacs web-server, a new option for serving Org-mode files

A non-Org announcement which I believe may still be of interest given
the recurring discussion of ways to serve Org-mode files as web pages.

I've written an Emacs web-server [1], which may be used to interact with
Org-mode over HTTP.  It has no dependencies aside from needing Emacs 24
or later and it should be easy to install and use [2].

Three simple examples of how it may be used with Org-mode include;
1. web server which exports Org files on demand [3],
2. an export *service* [4] which allows users to upload Org-mode files
   and then download exported versions, or 
3. simply a way to serve your daily agenda as a web page [5].

I've ported the Org-ehtml editable Org-mode Wiki [6] from Elnode to this
new web-server, and I now find that it is both easier to install, and is
more stable, and faster [7].  I know that Elnode setup had been a
barrier to some users of org-ehtml, hopefully that barrier is now

I hope this is of interest and not too far off topic.










Eric Schulte
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