Alex White | 15 Feb 01:17 2005

perl planner-mode module


I've been working on a perl library that parses planner-mode pages, for 
use with emacs planner-mode or eventually as a stand-alone perl-based 
wiki plugin.

I have an early version of my library available that parses 
planner-mode pages, stores data in a central SQLite database.  It also 
exports tasks and schedule data to ICAL (a standardized calendaring 
format) using the ICalLite perl module, which I began writing 
specifically for that purpose.

So far, the only PlannerMode script that's fully working uses Sacha's 
remind.el lisp code, along with my own plan2rem script that uses my 
PlannerMode and ICalLite libraries to create an ICAL file.   By keeping 
the ICAL file behind a WebDAV server, I can subscribe to it and track 
any changes automatically in my ICAL client, the Mac OS X calendar app 
(it's also supported by the mozilla calendar client and others).  I can 
see all my incomplete tasks on the to-do list (with proper due dates 
and such), along with a calendar view of my schedule.  The mac client 
even supports syncing both task lists and schedule data to my palmtop. 

The code is alpha quality.  It needs some refactoring, may have 
numerous bugs, and the docs are pretty weak at the moment.  The modules 
are available for download at the link above and the plan2rem script 
(included in the PlannerMode tarball) seems to be working great at this 
point, at least for me.  Suggestions for improvement are welcomed.