Chris Doary | 6 Apr 23:51 2012

Re: Festung Budapest hits the Red Dot

Finally got around to playing FB11 Boy Soldier today.

Galantay did a little number on some Russkies, but was knocked unconscious when he ran outside into a
friendly FFE to take on a pinned 9-2 and a broken 6-2-8. He was wounded when he began his charge, but lived up
to his exuberant historical namesake.

The rubble generation was unexpectedly kind to the defenders. No debris was generated, and the only
falling rubble came crashing down on the chapel--very ahistoric! :)

Had a ball with all the crazy LOS. Would love to try this one again, but as the attacking Reds.

KG Europa was a mishmash of personnel from various units, recuperating soldiers, soldiers on leave, and so
forth. KG Europa was one of several "alarm" units raised during the siege. They were generally used to plug
holes in the line, defend key areas, etc. The Vannay Battalion was an Alarm Bn. All of the alarm units came
under the same (German) commander, IIRC.


On 2012-04-01, at 2:12 AM, geb3 wrote:

> Festung Budapest was delivered to my office a couple weeks ago.  Man, talk
> about heavy payload - the box nearly crashed through my desk.  With 46 pages
> of rules, 4 maps, 17 scenarios and 9 counter sheets, the thing is bigger
> than Valor Of The Guards and denser than depleted uranium.
> My patient new bride was willing to allow me some time to admire my new toy,
> but quarter-end has prevented me from sharing a few questions/thoughts until
> now.
> 1.  Curious about the composition of Kampfgruppe Europa - what units were
> part of this command?
> 2.  Bit disappointed at the use of the term "Wehrmacht" for Heer units in
> the reinforcement tables
> 3.  Likewise sad to see the US M2 .50 cal MG silhouette on the Soviet DShK
> 1938 12.7mm MG
> 4.  The maps are gorgeous and a real credit to Bill Cirillo and Charlie
> Kibler.  I made a Hungarian colleague in the office homesick when he saw
> them.  He provided a testament to their accuracy when he pointed to a few
> buildings around the Postal Palace and said, "our (company's) service center
> is here, and I went to secondary school here."  He was also intrigued at
> some of the imperial street names - apparently some of them names were not
> restored after the Warsaw Pact era.  It would seem that not many Buda
> residents remember Bela IV fondly...
> Going to take a while to absorb everything here and get underway, but I'm
> looking forward to several of these scenarios.  Excuse me while I strap on
> my Furor Hungaricus.
> Cheers!
> - G
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