gamethyme2000 | 15 May 23:10 2009

Re: What's Up With Mesomorph Games?

I received the piecepack on Monday.  Mesomorph had mailed it on the 6th, according to the automated postage
stamp they included.

I saved the envelope - I now have a mailing address for contact, if this happens to someone else.


--- In piecepack@..., "Roger Meertens"
<littlebrothertimmy <at> ...> wrote:
> Hi Eric,
> Although I've never ordered from Mesomorph (the transport costs would be too high since I live in Europe) I
did read about the bad customer service and bad handling of the orders. I do not know how to get in touch with
them other than via their site. 
> I can only say that I never got any response when I offered to translate the rules to Dutch. They even ask
people to help them do this on their site. 
> I hope you can either get your money back, or receive the piecepack set anyhow.
> Good luck,
> Roger Meertens