Ben Finney | 21 May 11:27 2009

Anatomy information: suit and number distinguishable from reverse side

Howdy all,

The piecepack Anatomy page <URL:>
gives helpful information on the *dimensions* of piecepack components,
and the suit-and-number composition.

What it doesn't answer, from the point of view of someone designing a
set and choosing materials, is whether a standard piecepack's components
have identifiable reverse faces.

I'm looking to manufacture components from cut materials of different
colours, and engraving into the coloured material is an option but
printing in different colours is not.

The tile faces must be marked with value and suit, “both in colour to
match suit”. Is it an expectation of a piecepack that its tiles be
indistinguishable from the reverse side? That is, is it harmful for some
games if the suit, or number, or both, of a tile is distinguishable when
the tile is face down?

This might occur if, for instance, the tile was made of two materials
glued together, where the colour of the face material was different for
each suit, and thus visible from the edge even when the tile is face

How about the coins: the anatomy says the back has the suit “in
appropriate colour”, and the number on the face “in black”. My
proposed manufacturing process makes the colour and hence the suit
distinguishable by the colour of the material. Would this make the coins

It would be good if the anatomy could be explicit about what information
must be indiscernable from obverse and reverse of the components that
have obverse and reverse sides.


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