simon | 27 Mar 20:29 2012

Re: getting started

> I have Ubuntu 10.10.  Do I install with the Software CEnter , I have the
> ppa and the last time  I tried to install it from there it crashed the
> system and was never heard from.
> I'm stuck,
> wil

yes you should just be able to use the software center once you've added
the PPA.... that said I've never done it like that (I always use 'apt-get'
on the command line).

Since you have already added the PPA repo, you can go into a command
terminal and type
$ sudo apt-get install speed-dreams-base

it should install the base and data packages, along with any dependancies
that are required.

The way I have done it is to manually download the '.debs' (may be in
'/var/cache/apt/archive' if you've already been trying) and manually
installing them with:
$ sudo dpkg --install

although that will stop if there are missing dependancies.

The '.deb' packages can be got by following the 'technical details' on the
PPA page, which leads you here:

Once installed you should have an icon in the start menu, or you can start
it from the command line:
$ /usr/games/speed-dreams-2

Hope this helps,

PS. Are you sure you should be driving after therapy ;-)

PPS. There might be a problem with 10.10 and the libenet dependancies....see:

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