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From: simon335522 <simon.neale26-FhtRXb7CoQBt1OO0OYaSVA <at> public.gmane.org>
Subject: Re: 2012 Meeples Choice Award Results
Newsgroups: gmane.games.spielfrieks
Date: Saturday 22nd June 2013 13:41:55 UTC (over 5 years ago)
Great result with winners that should appeal to Gamers everywhere!

Well done Larry. I am pleased to see the high level of support.

... Simon.

--- In [email protected], "Larry"
> Okay, people, pencils down!  The voting for the Meeples Choice Awards is
over!  And once again, we've had a very interesting and closely fought
contest.  There were some expected results and a few surprises as well.  So
without further ado, I'm happy to announce that the winners for the Meeples
Choice Awards for 2012 are:
> Some years, it seems as if there are three obvious potential winners
prior to conducting the election.  2012 certainly felt like that.  You had
Android: Netrunner, which had zoomed up to the #5 spot in the Geek
rankings, along with two other games well ensconced in the top 20, Terra
Mystica and Tzolk'in.  All were popular, meaty games, so they fit the usual
tendencies of the Spielfrieks voters.  Lords of Waterdeep and the Star Wars
miniatures game were also possibilities, but it sure seemed as if this
might be a 3-game party this year.
> But the MCA's are never that predictable.  During the nominations voting,
both Tzolk'in and Terra Mystica leaped to the top of the voting, with the
former assuming a large lead and the latter having a comfortable gap over
the third place game.  But Netrunner never had that level of support. 
Maybe it was because it was essentially a reprint of a game from the
mid-nineties; I don't know.  But during the first round of voting, it only
finished tenth, far from the frontrunners.
> Instead, the likely candidates for the third spot included 7 games,
including such well regarded titles as Keyflower, Snowdonia, Suburbia,
Seasons, Ginkgopolis, and Waterdeep.  And oh yeah, a little game with only
16 cards called Love Letter.  That was something of a surprise, given the
weight of all the other games.  Moreover, the game that Love Letter is
always compared to is Coup, but that game wasn't really that close to
making the final group.  It figured to be a hard fought contest during the
last round of voting.
> And so it was.  This time, it was Terra Mystica jumping out to a big
lead; it essentially wrapped up a final spot by the end of Saturday. 
Tzolk'in started out a little more slowly, but by Sunday, it had
established enough of a lead on the rest of the field to guarantee that it
would also be there at the end.  But the voting for the third spot was
extremely close.  And very soon, it turned into a two game race between
Keyflower and, surprise, surprise, Love Letter!  For most of the contest,
Keyflower only had a one vote lead over its lighter opponent.  In fact, at
one point, Love Letter actually nudged ahead in the voting.  It was always
close, but in the end, the Key game finished a mere 2 votes ahead of the
surprise contender from Japan.  And that's the way it finished.
> There was a sizable gap between the four games at the top and Waterdeep
and Snowdonia, which followed them in the voting.  Ginkgopolis, Seasons,
Myrmes, and Suburbia rounded out the top 10.  Netrunner had to settle for a
tie for eleventh place.
> For me, the best news is that the voting essentially returned to the
levels of two years ago.  This was a considerable relief, as it shows that
the Spielfrieks user group can sustain the number of votes necessary to
maintain a meaningful award, at least to my way of thinking.  We had 84
voters casting 235 votes in the final round, which was much higher than
what we saw last year.  Great news and I want to thank everyone for
stepping up and showing your support.
> So congratulations to designers Helge Ostertag, Jens Drögemüller,
Simone Luciani, Daniele Tascini, Richard Breese, and Sebastian Bleasdale
(each one a first-time winner), along with the publishers, Feuerland
Spiele, Czech Games Edition, and R&D Games.  And a tip of the hat to Love
Letter's Seiji Kanai, who put up such a valiant fight for the third spot. 
It was another great year of voting.  What say we do it again this time
next year?
> Here are the final standings for the voting this year.  The first value
is the number of votes received during the final round; the second value in
parentheses is the number of votes received during the nominations process.
> 1. Terra Mystica – 35 (37)
> 2. Tzolk'in: The Mayan Calendar – 30 (46)
> 3. Keyflower – 22 (30)
> 4. Love Letter – 20 (29)
> 5. Lords of Waterdeep – 14 (19)
> 6. Snowdonia – 13 (27)
> 7. Ginkgopolis – 11 (20)
> 8. Seasons – 10 (23)
> 9. Myrmes – 9 (11)
> 10. Suburbia – 8 (25)
> 11. Android: Netrunner – 6 (18)
> 11. CO2 – 6 (16)
> 11. Agricola: All Creatures Big and Small – 6 (11)
> 11. Nieuw Amsterdam – 6 (11)
> 11. Pax Porfiriana – 6 (10)
> 11. Trains – 6 (10)
> 11. Clash of Cultures – 6 (8)
> 18. 1812: The Invasion of Canada – 5 (9)
> 18. Star Wars: X-Wing Miniatures Game – 5 (9)
> 20. Escape: The Curse of the Temple – 3 (13)
> 20. Copycat – 3 (9)
> 20. Edo – 3 (8)
> 23. The Manhattan Project – 1 (10)
> 23. Andean Abyss – 1 (8)


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