Josef Drexler | 10 May 04:36 2006

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Hi all,

Thanks to a lot of work by DaleStan, I'm pleased to announce the release
of GRFCodec 0.98.  Get it at if you're
working with grf files.

DaleStan has added a lot of improvements, in particular fixing the pesky
"cannot decrease ypos" bug; it's now possible to go back from one sprite
to the next.  Also the .nfo parser is more powerful: sprite numbers are
now optional and need not be correct if present, sprite lengths need not
be correct and real sprites are checked for format compliance.



All changes in version 0.9.8 (by DaleStan):
- (devel) grfcodec (but not grfdiff or grfmerge) can now be built in MS
  Visual Studio 2003.
- Slightly change the plaintext quoting algorithm.
- (devel) Change several memcpy()s to pointer assignments.
- (devel) Plug several memory leaks
- (devel) Source code and Makefile changes to grfdiff and grfmerge build
  with both Makefiles, on both Cygwin and Linux.
- Make code gcc 4 -Wall clean.
- Use NFORenum's NFO reading engine:
  * Sprite numbers are now optional, and need not be correct if present.
  * Sprite lengths need not be correct. Set to 0 to supress the incorrect
    length warnings.
  * Real sprites are checked for format compliance.
- Make 0-byte pseudo sprites an error.
- (bugfix) Prevent binary includes from including directories on OSes that
  would othewise allow it.
- (bugfix) It is now possible for a real sprite to start above the
  preceeding sprite (the infamous decreasing ypos bug)
- grfcodec now exits with 0 on success.


Josef Drexler

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