Chris Newman | 25 Jan 01:37 2008

Re: draft-klensin-net-utf8-07

Alfred H?nes wrote on 1/10/08 19:01 +0100:
> RFC 1641, (RFC 1642 -->) RFC 2152,
> and perhaps other early IETF I18N documents as well?
> In particular, the registrations for legacy representations of
> Unicode should be marked "deprecated" in the IANA charset registry;
> to this end, a substantive IANA Considerations section needs to be
> added to the draft.

I think these would distract from the primary focus of net-utf8.  However, they 
are good proposals and if you wrote them up in a separate document, it's very 
likely you could find a friendly area director to sponsor them ;-)

                - Chris