Adrian Farrel | 13 Aug 10:57 2008

Re: BGP TE attr last call by softwires WG


Note that this I-D provides the ability to carry TE information about the CE-PE 
link during L1VPN autodiscovery.

The document says:
   In certain cases (e.g., L1VPN [L1VPN]) it may be useful to augment
   reachability information carried in BGP with the Traffic Engineering

In fact, this is the only example usage suggested for this work in the text, so it 
would be sensible if the working group could spend some time reading the document 
and checking for consistency with RFC 5195 and RFC 5252.

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The softwire WG has LC'ed 

We will keep open an additional two-week period for wider review  
before moving forward in the publication process. Please have any  
comments to the authors and softwires WG by Aug 26, 2008.

-DWard, Alain Durand

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