James Carlson | 14 Jul 14:29 2008

Re: How to access archives?

Vachiravel, Sabarinathan (Sabarinathan) writes:
> Hello,
>     If I click the Pppext Archives link on the main page, it gets me to
> a page where I can see messages only for the month of July 2008. Where
> can I find the archives for the older messages past July 2008?

That's odd.  I went here:


and then drilled down to the pppext working group page:


the "archive" link on that page got me a richer set of archives:


This seems to span back to February 2004, when the new mailing list
was set up, and not just July 2008.  Where did you look?

The previous list on merit.edu is gone, and apparently so are the
archives it once held.  I have copies of those archives through July
2001, but August 2001 through February 2004 are absent.  (If someone
has them please speak up, and I'll try to get them posted somewhere.)


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