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CFP IEEE/IFIP Intern. Conference on Management of Multimedia Networks & Services 2003

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 Please distribute to interested people to encourage contributions ans submissions to the 6th IFIP/IEEE International Conference on Management of Multimedia Networks and Services :
        7th - 10th September 2003, Queen's University of Belfast, Northern Ireland
                            http://www.ee.qub.ac.uk/mmns2003 .
Please note the extension to the deadline for submission of papers to MMNS2003 is 18th April 2003. Please circulate to your colleagues to ensure a good turnout.
For further information about the conference please see the web site at http://ee-server.ee.qub.ac.uk/dsp/mmns2003/
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Ahmed Mehaoua
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MMNS 2003
6th IFIP/IEEE International Conference on Management of Multimedia Networks and Services
        7th - 10th September 2003, Queen's University of Belfast, Northern Ireland

                                  Second Call For Papers
Multimedia services over IP networks are proliferating at an enormous speed. There
is also increasing demand for solutions which provide assured levels of service quality.
All of these require novel paradigms, models and architectures for realising integrated
end-to-end service management rather than managing network elements in isolation.
Providing scalable Quality of Service (QoS) while maintaining fairness, along with
secure and optimal network resource management are key challenges for the future
Internet. These challenges apply to both fixed and wireless networks.
The IFIP/IEEE International Conference on Management of Multimedia Networks and Services
will hold its sixth annual meeting from September 7th to September 10th, 2003 in Belfast,
Northern Ireland. MMNS provides an intimate setting for discussion and debate. In just 6 years,
MMNS has established itself as one of the premier conferences with a focus on the management
of multimedia networks and services. The conference objective is to bring together researchers
working in all facets of network and service management as applied to broadband networks and
multimedia services. MMNS deals with all aspects of designing, developing and deploying
networked multimedia systems and it serves as a forum for the dissemination of state-of-the-art
research and development results.
MMNS 2003 will also include panel sessions in which experts
offer their observations and opinions about current hot topics. The keynote speaker will be
Professor Ian Akyildiz, Georgia Institute of Technology who will present a vision of future
interplanetary network architectures. Professor Derek McAuley, head of Intel's recently formed
laboratory at Cambridge, UK, will describe some of the new research being undertaken on global
overlay networks and applications.

The program committee is soliciting original papers describing research in the area of
management of multimedia networks and services. Topics of interest include, but are not
limited to, the following:
        * Active multimedia network management
        * Ad-hoc and Sensor Networks
        * Augmented and Virtual Reality Networks
        * Billing and Accounting
        * Cable multimedia network management
        * Content distribution internetworking
        * Deployment of multimedia services
        * Distributed multimedia service management
        * End-to-end IP multimedia network and service management
        * IP Video, streaming, interactive video service management
        * Middleware support for management
        * Multimedia network traffic engineering and optimization
        * Multimedia traffic management
        * Multimedia content protection
        * Multimedia session management
        * Multi-point, multicast services management
        * Network management models and architectures
        * Network programmability for multimedia services
        * Optical multimedia network management
        * Policy-based management for multi-media services
        * Provisioning of multimedia networks and services
        * QoS in WLANs
        * QoS management
        * Resource, performance and fault management
        * Security and Authentication
        * VoIP service management
        * Web Services
        * Wireless and mobile multimedia network management

Papers must be submitted electronically in postscript or PDF format. Detailed
instructions are provided on the conference web site, http://www.ee.qub.ac.uk/mmns2003.
Submission date:            18th April 2003
Notification of acceptance: 6th June 2003
Final version:              4th July 2003
Conference Chairs:
   Professor Alan Marshall, a.marshall <at> ee.qub.ac.uk, Queen’s University of Belfast, UK
   Professor Nazim Agoulmine, nazim <at> rp.lip6.fr, University of Evry, France
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