Jim Peters | 4 Jan 16:37 2005

Re: Re: Bad-CD update Jan-2005

Alan Carter wrote:
> > - "Radio GaGa" single by Electric Six: 
> I bought both CD1 and CD2 at HMV.  Both work absolutely fine on my
> desktop - no funny noises, no playback problems or delays.  I've
> extracted the audio data from both with no trouble.  [...]
> I've just given them a quick try on another computer, with a Sony
> CRX140E CD-RW drive; again no problems at all.
> It's possible they're selling protected versions of the single, but
> mine are quite definitely unprotected.  BTW, if it's at all
> relevant, CD2 is a mixed mode CD containing both audio tracks and
> multimedia PC stuff.

Okay, you're the third person to report no problems with this disc
now, but still no-one has verified that their disc holes are central!

The original report mentioned that there were no warnings, and no
other 'protection' apart from the 1mm+ offset hole.

Is it possible that during manufacture, a disc has its hole
accidentally placed off-centre?  Or that the outside of the disc is
trimmed or cut in an eccentric way?  (I couldn't find any pictures of
the manufacturing process through Google, although Wikipedia mentions
that they are injection moulded.)

If so, maybe it was simply a poorly manufactured disc.  Otherwise, the
originally reported off-centre hole couldn't have been accidental, and
must be an intentional modification.

Does anyone have any ideas about this?



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