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Fwd: Consumers and DRMs (in Europe)

fwd from cptech's ecommerce list:

A good read, see "state of the Art Report" on consumers and DRMs...

As one commentator stated:

"Eight authors from different disciplines and from different countries
have provided the results of their "multi-disciplinary" discussions on
consumer concerns with respect to DRM. One of the really interesting
effects of the joint discussions is obviously that lingo has been
filtered out and what remains is a good reading for a broader public".


State-of-the-Art Report Released
The new INDICARE report demonstrates that interests and concerns of
consumers are insufficiently considered in the context of DRM-protected
digital content. The present publication is the first State-of-the-Art
Report by the INDICARE project. You are kindly invited to download the
report from the INDICARE website:
http://www.indicare.org/soareport (PDF, 1011 KB)
Your feedback on the report is appreciated, please use the “Read More &
Comment” option.

FYI: There' an "historical" chapter that outlines the European
Commission's initiatives on DRM and European research projects on DRM.
A third chapter about "consumer concerns" including customers with
disabilities and institutional customers such as libraries, science, and
education. Legal aspect (copyright related issues and EU Dir) in fourth
chapter. Fifth chapter is on technical aspects and tech development.
There are also chapters on DRM paradox (to lock or unlock content) and
standards and interoperability issues...

The authors welcome US perspective comments.

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