zirtix | 7 Mar 15:52 2005

UK Patent Office Workshops- (I'm in)

I'll be going to the 7th April meeting at 1pm, Harmsworth House, London. 

Does anyone have any thoughts as to tactics?  I seem to recall an FFII page 
on their recommended definition of 'technical contribution'.  Ah, here it 
is: http://wiki.ffii.org/UkpoWorkshops0503En 

(I didn't carbon copy this in my submission in the application form btw - 
although I do basically agree.) 

Now, I haven't been to anything like this before so I'm wondering how to 
approach it.  Should I come out as an FFII supporter, or should I try to 
represent my (web publishing, holds 0 patents) employer, in some sense?  I 
may be fortunate in that I work for a Big Business.  Also, should the Free 
Sofware/Open Source card be played? 

ta for any sage advice, 

Toby Woodwark

jabber: geektoby at jabber.org.uk