Jim Peters | 7 May 20:56 2005

French ruling against DVDs/CDs that prevent copying

I've heard this from a contact in France, quoting from "this month's
issue of French News", apparently:

  French courts have ruled that it is unlawful to sell a DVD with a
  system installed which prevents copying because it contravenes the
  purchaser's right to take a private copy for himself. The case
  specifically concerned David Lynch's film Mulholland Drive but if
  there is no successful appeal it will be a precedent to apply to all
  DVDs and CDs.  In the meantime the Studio Canal has one month to
  remove the blocking device from all similar DVDs on sale.

Sounds promising for fair use, although is this old news?  (I'm 3-4
months out of date).  This could be a possible good source of clean
music CDs within Europe, anyway.


P.S.  I'm back in the UK for a while, although I plan to head back to
Peru again soonish to continue my personal exploration of indigenous
medicine, pushing my own potential in promising new directions:



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