Thomas Bächler | 30 Jun 02:00 2013

Re: Bootstrap images for installing Arch from another system

Am 28.06.2013 20:02, schrieb Thomas Bächler:
> Am 22.06.2013 21:19, schrieb Pierre Schmitz:
>>>> I'd say we include this script into the releng scripts (either archiso
>>>> or create a nwe package; atm I use some additional script for releasing
>>>> an ISO image) and upload such a tar at the same time as the ISO image.
>>> I was thinking about including this into arch-install-scripts, but I am
>>> unsure if it really fits in there.
>> Yes, seems difficult. As I said, I also have other scripts like creating
>> torrents etc. that are used for a realease. Maybe we can create a releng
>> repo/package for these.
> Regardless of where the scripts end up, should we publish these images
> with the July ISO? I can write a short README for it.

Script is here for the moment: