Ann Davis | 3 Nov 19:21 2008

Re: DazukoFS 3.0.0-rc2 posted

jim burns wrote:
> On Thu October 9 2008 4:22:03 pm John Ogness wrote:
>> I have posted the next release candidate for DazukoFS 3.0.0. One major
>> bug and several minor bugs were discovered in the process management
>> code. These have been fixed. If you encounter _any_ warnings or
>> errors, please report them to this list. Even if you can't provide (or
>> don't have time for) a detailed report, it is still helpful for me to
>> know if problems exist.
> As previously reported on 9/28, this won't build on openSuSE 11.0. The error 
> is in inode.c, presumably from nullfs, and is reproduced below.

I believe the root of the problem is that on openSUSE (and SLE 11), the 
vfs_mknod function has an extra "struct vfsmount" argument, put in place 
for AppArmor.  Pls. see the thread.

John, pls. offer your thoughts on how hard it would be to support this 
difference in the SUSE kernels...