Roger Leigh | 15 May 01:48 2012

Bug#588962: po4a using both builddir and srcdir

Hi folks,

I've been working on #588962 to implement po4a for the schroot
documentation.  However, I'm running into a few difficulties
which I hope some old hands can provide some guidance on

I have added Thomas' fr translation, and got it to produce
fr manpages and PDF documentation.  This is in a prerelease
version at

The main issues are:

- I'm getting a "translated" directory in both the source
  directory and build directory
  (man/translated/fr and debian/build/man/translated/fr).
  It's a bug to dirty the source tree--I really only want
  them generating in the build tree.
  I set srcdir and destdir, but I'm not sure if I'm doing the
  right thing (see: man/ update-po rule).

- The fr manpages are output in UTF-8.  The man program results
  in readable output, but the PDF/PS documentation looks awful
  due to lots of junk in the output.
  While UTF-8 is fine in the .po file, would recoding to latin1
  or into groff symbols for non-ASCII characters be feasible?
  Or can groff now process UTF-8 input?
  (./configure && make pdf to test)

- There have been several manpage changes since the translation
  was done.  Thomas, would it be possible to update the
  translation?  It's in man/po/fr.po of the above source
  archive, though I can send you the file if you need.

Other than these hopefully minor issues, the translated manpages
look beautiful, and I'll be happy to install them into the .deb
once they are fixed.

Thanks everyone,


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