Christopher Ness | 6 Sep 21:32 2005

WLAGS48B - Agrere Chipset

Good Day,

I was flipping though Linux Journal and came across an article that
mentioned ndiswrapper.

I thought I'd try it out but I don't see my wireless chip supported in
the "List".  Someone else asked about this chipset a while back on this
list but I didn't see any replies to it.  This is my built in card for a
Toshiba A10 Satellite notebook.

Installing the driver gives:

[root <at> heidrun toshiba-wifi]# ndiswrapper -i WLAGS48B.INF
Installing wlags48b
no vendor               <- this line repeated ~ 23 times

Checking out the status shows:

[root <at> heidrun toshiba-wifi]# ndiswrapper -l
Installed ndis drivers:
wlags48b        invalid driver!

The files that were installed were only the INF file:

[root <at> heidrun toshiba-wifi]# ls /etc/ndiswrapper/wlags48b/

The files in the self extracting windows EXE are:

[root <at> heidrun toshiba-wifi]# ls
devpathXP.reg  SA10BXWLN.exe  WDAGS48B.DLL  WLAGS48B.INF
DrvUpdt.exe    WAAGS48B.DLL   wifi.exe      WLAGS48B.SYS

Since I couldn't get the windows driver to install properly I didn't
modprobe the module into the kernel on FC4.

[root <at> heidrun toshiba-wifi]# uname -a
Linux heidrun.localdomain 2.6.12-1.1447_FC4 #1 Fri Aug 26 20:29:51 EDT
2005 i686 i686 i386 GNU/Linux

So how do I go about fixing up this driver to work with ndiswrapper?


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