Davis, Arlin R | 7 Jul 19:00 2010

RE: some dapl assistance


>What needs to be done such that the dapl debug prints be seen 
>either in the system log or the standard output/error of the mpi rank?

There is limited debug in the non-debug builds. If you 
want full debugging capabilities you can install the
source RPM and configure and make as follow (OFED target example):

./configure --enable-debug --prefix /usr --sysconf=/etc --libdir /usr/lib64 LDFLAGS=-L/usr/lib64 CPPFLAGS="-I/usr/include"
make install

debug logs can be set with environment DAPL_DBG_TYPE (default=1)

typedef enum
    DAPL_DBG_TYPE_ERR		= 0x0001,
    DAPL_DBG_TYPE_WARN	  	= 0x0002,
    DAPL_DBG_TYPE_EVD	  	= 0x0004,
    DAPL_DBG_TYPE_CM		= 0x0008,
    DAPL_DBG_TYPE_EP		= 0x0010,
    DAPL_DBG_TYPE_UTIL	  	= 0x0020,
    DAPL_DBG_TYPE_API	  	= 0x0100,
    DAPL_DBG_TYPE_RTN	  	= 0x0200,
    DAPL_DBG_TYPE_SRQ		= 0x0800,
    DAPL_DBG_TYPE_CNTR  	= 0x1000,
    DAPL_DBG_TYPE_CM_LIST  	= 0x2000,
    DAPL_DBG_TYPE_THREAD  	= 0x4000


output location can be set with DAPL_DBG_DEST as follow (default=1):

typedef enum
    DAPL_DBG_DEST_STDOUT  	= 0x0001,
    DAPL_DBG_DEST_SYSLOG  	= 0x0002,

log messagea are prefixed with hostname:process_id as follow
and by default will be sent to stdout of mpiexec node:

cstnh-9:4834:  query_hca: mlx4_0
cstnh-9:4834:  query_hca: port.link_layer = 0x1
cstnh-9:4834:  query_hca: (b0.0) eps 260032, sz 16351 evds 65408, sz 4194303 mtu 2048 - pkey 0 p_idx 0 sl 1

>You can see here that on this node (dodly0), the 
>"OpenIB-mthca0-1" is used, but later when I try it with 
>dapltest (next bullet), I can't get dat to open/work with it.
>2. dapltest
>> # DAT_DBG_TYPE=0x3 dapltest -T S -D OpenIB-mthca0-1

Intel MPI will pick up the appropriate v1.2 or v2.0 libdat
and libdapl provider libraries depending on your device
selection. However, when using dapltest you have to use 
the appropriate binary that links to the v1.2 library. 

If you are using v1.2 compat library providers (OpenIB-*)
you need to use the compat-dapl tests (dapltest1, dtest1, etc)
that come with the v1.2 package. 

[root <at> cstnh-10]# rpm -qpl compat-dapl-utils-1.2.16-1.x86_64.rpm

Try the following:

# dapltest1 -T S -D OpenIB-mthca0-1

Sorry for any confusion.


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