Pekka Ahmavuo | 5 Nov 10:41 2002

enbd on logical volumer


We have implemented a Linux cluster using virtual servers,

We used drbd for data replication. It worked without problems it our test 
environment, but after about a month of uptime drbd partitions hung twice 
within a day in our production environment. So we are now looking for a drbd 

I have done some testing with enbd and raid1 and it seems to work quite well. I 
did also export LVM logical volumes using enbd, which seemed to work as well as 
exporting normal partitions. 

However, after drbd problems I am bit cautious now. Do you know if there are 
any problems in enbd + sw raid1 + LVM combination? I am going to use enbd for 
exporting LVM logical volumes and build raid1 on an exported lv and a local lv. 

The reason for using LVM is that it allows to take backups against static  

Btw, have any of you use used enbd with evms, ?